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About 2M Capital Partners

At 2M Capital Partners & Advisory, we are dedicated to providing unmatched debt financing advisory services and traditional brokerage solutions to companies operating in the SME, Corporate and Institutional sectors.

Our team’s experience and commitment to excellence sets us apart, ensuring our clients receive the personalised financial support they need to thrive and grow.

With a focus on innovation and personalised solutions, we are passionate about empowering companies to achieve their strategic financial objectives.

2M Capital Partners

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Otavio Moraes, the Director of Finance Brokerage at 2M Capital Partners &Advisory, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Holding a bachelor’s degree (Hons) in Economics from Brazil and a master’s in finance from Monash University, Otavio boasts over a decade of experience in finance, including six years in investment funds in Brazil and five years in major banks in Melbourne, focusing on corporate and emerging corporate sectors.

Driven by a passion for serving clients across various sectors and a commitment to meeting their financial needs, Otavio founded 2M Capital Partners & Advisory. As a boutique specialist firm, they specialise in offering Debt Finance Advisory Services and traditional broker solutions to
businesses operating in the SME, Corporate, and Institutional segments across diverse industries, including Home Loans.

Otavio’s areas of expertise in funding encompass a wide range of needs, including working capital, expansion initiatives, acquisitions, and investments, catering to small, SME, and corporate companies. Additionally, he excels in asset finance and commercial property investment facility structuring.

In the realm of advisory services, Otavio’s skills shine in facility security structuring, interest rate cost review, transaction banking solutions, foreign exchange strategies, debt size analysis, covenant calibration, and optimising capital stack analysis across alternate debt products, as well as working capital analysis.

While Otavio’s direct experience in consumer lending is primarily focused on Home Loans, 2M Capital Partners & Advisory collaborates with a network of partners to deliver tailored solutions for other consumer loan needs, ensuring comprehensive financial support for clients across the board.



2M Capital Partners : Tailor-made financial solutions for various needs. Expertise in debt advisory, funding, refinancing.

Commercial Property Investment

Customized debt solutions for real estate investments. I worked in residential, commercial, and land banking. Strategic debt advice optimizes structures and negotiations.

Business and corporate finance

Navigating Tighter Credit Standards. Tailor-made financial solutions for business growth and liquidity optimization.

Housing Loans and Investments

2M Capital Partners: Extensive network of lenders. Customized mortgage solutions for homebuyers and investors.

Property Construction & Development Funding

Early involvement for construction financing. Tailored debt solutions, smaller pre-sales, collaborative approach. Broad expertise.

Debt Advisory

Specialized debt advice. Business case, stress tests, covenant analysis, amortization optimization. Home loan pre-approvals, refinancing, capital utilization.

Agricultural Loans

Financial support for agriculture. Adapted solutions, financing, rural development, sustainable harvests..

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